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How to use wholeworldband – Overdubbing

How to use wholeworldband – Overdubbing wholeworldband can seem complicated. If you want to record multiple tracks onto your own SEED track, or someone elses

April 03, 2014 iPad, whole world band
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How to use Wholeworldband

How to use Wholeworldband wholeworldband is a recording studio  in the cloud – you record your music using your iPhone or iPad video camera, upload it

February 03, 2014 iPad, whole world band
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Whole World Band – Future of Music ?

Whole World Band The Future of music…Has finally arrived. I’m lucky enough to have been asked to fly out to Dublin to test out Whole

November 15, 2013 iPad, whole world band
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How to make a YOUTUBE mixtape

Mixtapes? What’s tape? Back in the day making a mixtape was an art form – carefully crafting together your favourite tracks from CDs and LPs

July 08, 2013 iPad
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A guitarist’s guide to iPad apps

We have just published an article for the Newstalk Magazine App – which is Free. “A guitarist’s guide to iPad apps” “The explosion of iPad

June 29, 2013 iPad
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Protein der Klang App – Performance Sampler

  Protein Der Klang – Performance Sampler App Everybody needs protein. der. klang. If you’ve read our post on the linear sampling app – SAMPLR

June 18, 2013 iPad
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AUDIOBUS – Essential iPad music Apps

AUDIOBUS AUDIOBUS is an essential basic app connector for your iPad. Yuu can combine up to three (compatible) apps simultaneously in any order to really

June 03, 2013 iPad
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JACK – Essential iPad music Apps

JACK – Essential iPad music Apps JACK is a free audio / midi App connection kit that turns your ipad audio apps into a completely

June 03, 2013 iPad
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