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SnakePick New horizons in picking sound today from SnakePick – very handy if you sweat buckets and keep dropping your picks all over the stage.

July 03, 2014 Gear
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Bugera V5 Hum & Bugera V5 Mods

Bugera Hum & Bugera Mods The Bugera V5 hum is a known issue in the Bugera V5. Rat amps Bugera V5 mod solves many issues

June 02, 2014 Gear
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Award Session – Blues Baby

Award Session Blues Baby Hot off the blocks reknowned high quality British amp builders Award Session have  rolled out probably the greatest concept in amp

November 21, 2013 Gear
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Dismal Axe – Custom Guitars

Guitars in the American Tradition There’s always something inherently appealing, sublime and gothic about genuinely aged and used materials – found materials especially. And, there

October 11, 2013 Gear
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David Gilmour’s 1961 Fender Twin

David Gilmour’s 1961 Fender Twin So, how much does classic David Gilmour tone cost? This vintage Fender Twin amp is probably worth it! IF you

October 07, 2013 Ebay, Gear
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Rebel Relics

Careful with that Axe Eugene We aren’t big fans of the D.I.Y. relic scene at Rare Star Guitars (read more here) – the disastrous results

October 03, 2013 Gear
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Freeze Pedal – Ice Ice Baby

Freeze Pedal Looking for a big fat undercurrent of keyboard like sounds under your guitar? Stop messing around with loopers and check the Freeze. Especially

October 01, 2013 Gear
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Star Wars Guitars

Star Wars Guitar If you’re looking for a gig on the Death Star then your ride is here. Hutchinson guitar concepts have received plenty of

October 01, 2013 Gear
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