Mixtapes? What’s tape?

Back in the day making a mixtape was an art form – carefully crafting together your favourite tracks from CDs and LPs into the perfect expression or artistic statement that was greater than the sum of it’s parts. It took time and skill – sometimes staying up at night to record all the best music on the radio.

The mixtape creator often went to great lengths to customise the cassette, box and sleeve. It meant something: creating a mixtape masterpiece was social zen, and the tangible nature of the physical cassette or CD really lent itself to sharing something unique and personal.

Those days are long gone, so how can you share your favourite songs online in a creative way?

YouTube has become a serious platform for music, and everyone is using it like an old fashioned jukebox. But YouTube playlists just aren’t the same as a mix you’ve crafted yourself even though there is all the choice in the world. Making playlists with YouTube is a little bit “clunky” and you can’t edit the songs.

So how do you do it?

There are several choices but DRAGONTAPE stands out. Simply search for your songs, drag them into the timeline in the order you want and that’s it. You can even edit the start and end points to get creative.¬†Dragontape gives you an HOUR for each mix, a unique link and tons of social options so sharing your mixes is a breeze.

Dragontape is also available as an app for iPad which means you can slice and dice on the move! The app features fullscreen playback as well as the ability to import SoundCloud and audio clips. Storing your mixtapes in the cloud means you can access them anywhere. Smart.

If you don’t want to put your own mix together you can browse and interact with the Dragontape community and you can even copy the tapes you like to your own account and re-edit them to your own taste.

It took about half a minute to edit up a cool mix of some great tracks!

Dragontape is fast, fluid and easy to use – it’s an excellent idea and great fun – check it out!