Wumbhi Tahaza!

Hendrix blasts off planet with “Driving South” an excellent instrumental from the 1988 posthumous release “RADIO ONE”. We’ve been looking for wumbhi tahaza on Google for years.

Astronomical performance from Hendrix – great riffs, killer attack, hooks, power, style. From the moment that he articulates such a groove  – the bluesy jazz fusion licks in the intro – with total feel – and launches into the first soaring feedback enhanced bends…everything is killer.

Driving South

Hendrix literally explodes as few as four core ideas throughout this instrumental into a highly vivd rollercoaster ride of guitar playing.

Hendrix’ natural ability allows him to extrapolate these motifs with such timing and brilliance, throw in some stunning hooks and create variations out of nothing – it would be hard to argue against Hendrix’ sheer power of imagination, and expressive musical language – that he remains rock music’s most visionary performer and the world’s most exciting, expressive and naturally talented guitar player.

And, Hendrix’ was so much more than a guitar player, his songwriting capability and the vision of his oeuvre, ridiculously overlooked. He could have done so much more.

If only Jimi Hendrix was still alive today – he would be 70 years old.

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix, you changed the world , reinvented the guitar and changed our lives too.


If you are a serious collector of Hendrix recordings then this album is an essential.