whole world band

Whole World Band

The Future of music…Has finally arrived.

I’m lucky enough to have been asked to fly out to Dublin to test out Whole World Band.
Or WholeWorldBand  – which is how it is correctly known! So, what is it? What makes WholeWorldBand any different from all the other music apps in the app store? Everything.

whole world band The KILLER Music App?

Whole World Band is a killer app for musicians – an app that combines audio and video to create a global music recording studio in the cloud.

Yep, that’s right – you can jam along and record with anyone else using the WholeWorldBand app with your ipad.


If you want to be a part of the future. Get the wholeworldband apphere. Or click on the icon on the left.


Music Royalties Included

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? And each time your “seed” track is used by someone else you will receive payment.
Rumour has it several big name artists will be involved – I have already had a jam along with Ronnie Wood on the live app. And, uploaded some tracks during the testing. It’s everything you could imagine it to be and more. You don’t even need any gear – or you can hook up your  studio. You don’t need to film at home, you can film anywhere. And, the iPhone app is in the works…

Kick out the Jams!

Yes, the legendary Rolling Stones all round good guy & guitar slinger, Ron Wood is up for a jam with everyone! A raft of great artists are appearing on the app as we speak including Ethan Johns, I’m Your Vinyl,  and many more are in the pipeline.

Future of Music

If you read digital music news you will be familiar with the “music in the cloud model is dead” mantra echoed by great artists like Radiohead and Beck ; that streaming music is killing music…That Spotify will turn the cosmos inside out and suck every note from the here, now and beyond into a microcosmic singularity that will destroy mankind.

Perhaps WholeWorldBand will save the universe? We’ll be running a few blog posts on the app over the coming weeks. So stay tuned in!

Let’s find out a little more from one of the masterminds behind WholeWorldBand Mr. Kevin Godley…


Jam with Jake Edwards on Whole World Band

Jake Edwards was lucky enough to be invited to perform Whole World Band tests in Dublin and is uploading plenty of new music. You can find out more at his website jakeedwards.net, and preview some of his music, or just downloadWholeWorldBandand contribute to his mixes. Of course you can also contribute to the “seed” tracks from the likes of Ron Wood, Stuart Copeland and many more great artists and musicians.