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Cubasis – Cubase App for iPad If you are looking for a basic DAW for iPad with standard iPad multitouch gesture then Cubasis which has

January 10, 2013 iPad
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  From the moment I turned it on, I was immediately convinced that this is the hottest musical app to make it to the iPad

January 09, 2013 iPad
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iPad Foot controller – AirTurn

Hands free iPad operation The AirTurn dual footwitch kit is perfect for iPad users who need to keep both hands free to play and record

May 20, 2012 iPad
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iPad Music Stands – Gig Easy & iKlip

iPad Microphone Stand We have recently set up the Rare Star iPad for music apps and one of the key reasons why the iPad is

May 20, 2012 iPad
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Guitar Apps – iPad, iPhone & iPod – Part 4

Peavey Ampkit for iPhone Peavey Electronics have launched AmpKit their guitar amp and effects iPhone app together with AmpKit LiNK, a hifi audio interface for

March 05, 2012 iPad
guitar_ipad_ipod_iphone_interfaces_connector_adaptor_plug_guitar_into_mobile_ipod_ipad_apogee_jam_iRig_iStomp_line_6_mobile_in 1

Interfaces and Apps for plugging your guitar into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Interfaces and Apps for plugging your guitar into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Have a look at these articles to learn how to choose the

February 28, 2012 Gear, iPad
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Guitar Apps – iPad, iPhone & iPod – Part 3

iPad & iPhone Guitar interface – Line 6 Mobile In With new Mobile In™ interface and Mobile POD app, you can easily connect your guitar

February 28, 2012 iPad
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Guitar Apps – iPad, iPhone & iPod – Part 2

iPad & iPhone Guitar interface – Apogee Jam If you really want to focus on using Garage Band on your iPad or improve the quality

December 29, 2011 iPad
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