Elliot Easton – Custom Shop Fender Telecaster

elliot easton custom shop telecasterElliot Easton played lead guitar and sang back-ground vocals for The Cars. He studied music at the Berklee College of Music.

Easton released one solo album in 1985, Change No Change, featuring songs co-written with Jules Shear. A later band project, Band Of Angels(formed with singer Danny Malone) recorded one album, also named Band Of Angels, which was not released, but selections from which were included in the 1996 CD release of Change No Change.

In 1998, Easton’s playing was featured on No Cats, an album from bassist Lee Rocker, of Stray Cats fame. He contributed guitar parts for Rumblin’ Bass and One Way or Another. According to both Easton and Rocker, the two have known each other since they were young boys growing up in New York.





The Guitar Details, History and Prominence

The John Marks Collection — Rare Star Guitars acquired this Custom Fender directly from Elliot Easton in 2007.

We have been in contact with Elliot who has kindly supplied us with a selection of photographs holding this wonderful guitar and a personally signed letter to certify that this Fender was owned and more importantly used by himself.

letter from Elliot Easton

Excerpt of a letter from Elliot

This letter is to certify that the Fender Custom Shop Telecaster, serial # 0030 has been owned by me from 1987 to the present. I received the guitar when new and have been the sole owner up to the above date.

This guitar was used on the album “Healing Bones” by Jules Shear, as well as the sound-track to the John Carpenter film “Ghosts of Mars”, plus other sessions, including the Hall and Oats track “Philadelphia Freedom” for the album “Two Rooms – A tribute to Elton John”“Elliot Easton”