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bill-frisell-big-sur 0 Bill Frisell – Big Sur Overall Score

Bill Frisell – Big Sur

Bill Frisell – Big Sur Well, it’s better late than never. Our review that is. Bill Frisell is back on the R.S.G. front page with

July 13, 2014 Good, Music reviews
robin_trower_guitar 0 Robin Trower – King of Tone Overall Score

Robin Trower – King of Tone

 The Playful Heart The first thing about “The Playful Heart” is that it begins in a restrained mood with classic 1970’s rock echoes & flavours

January 04, 2013 Good, Music reviews
jeff_buckley_gary_lucas 0

Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas

Jeff Buckley with Gary Lucas – Songs to No-one If you haven’t heard of Jeff Buckley, you have now. Jeff Buckley occupies a rather hallowed

December 04, 2012 Music reviews
rory_gallagher 5 Rory Gallagher – An Appreciation Overall Score

Rory Gallagher – An Appreciation

“How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world?” “I don’t know, go ask Rory Gallagher.” — Jimi Hendrix comment after his

October 10, 2012 Good, Music reviews
kid-koala 0 12 Bit Blues – Kid Koala Overall Score

12 Bit Blues – Kid Koala

Ghost of Son House Kid Koala kicks out the blues jams on his latest and fifth album “12 Bit Blues”. If you have ever listened

September 28, 2012 Good, Music reviews
jimi_hendrix_nine_to_the_universe 0 Jimi Hendrix – Nine to the Universe Overall Score

Jimi Hendrix – Nine to the Universe

Jimi Hendrix – Nine to the Universe Hendrix proves his fluid mastery of guitar and pushes his limited gear to it’s limits within an improvisational

August 19, 2012 Good, Music reviews
john_Mayer_ 4 John Mayer – Born and Raised Overall Score

John Mayer – Born and Raised

John Mayer Eric Clapton Buddy Guy What is with New York these days? In the good old days New York gave us Hendrix, Dylan and

August 06, 2012 Bad, Music reviews
muse_resistance 1 Muse – Resistance Overall Score

Muse – Resistance

A Wax Muse Museum Muse have allegedly become the “greatest live band in the world”.  Okay so we’ll forget about everyone else and the hype,

July 27, 2012 Music reviews, Ugly
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