This Guitar is now SOLD

For a production guitar, the Veleno, by far, holds the world record for the highest percentage of guitars owned by famous performers of the total amount of guitars produced. These highly-regarded series of aluminum guitars were built by metal craftsman John Veleno.
It has been said that the Veleno is the Stradivarius of the guitar world. The guitars are known for their unique sound quality.

The Guitar Details, History and Prominence

This Guitar (#10) was purchased as a birthday present by Cher for her husband Sonny Bono.

Other Veleno purchasers include: Eric Clapton (#3), Lou Reed (#5), Gregg Allman (#6) Dan Ferguson (#9), Jeff Lynne of ELO (#13).

Rare Star Guitars has the original reciept from Cher Industries Inc. showing the purchase of this Veleno Guitar.

Below is Mark Bolan Via YouTube playing the Veleno Guitar.