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SunVox App – Modular Synth + Sequencer Review

SunVox So what is SunVox ? SunVox is a very flexible, modular synthesizer and sequencer / tracker built into a fast efficient app by Alexander

June 03, 2013 iPad
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Sampler App – Samplr App – Review

Samplr App Review If you are interested in using an intuitive  Sampler for ipad then Samplr is definitely worth a look! The iPad gesture based

June 03, 2013 iPad
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Novation Launchpad App – Review

Novation Launchpad App This free app from Novation  РLaunchpad Рdefinitely has potential. Novation are reknowned for their live performance hardware and software aimed

June 03, 2013 iPad
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Best iPad Music Apps

Best iPad Music Apps? If you’re interested in making music with an iPad then you will need to choose the best music apps. We can’t

June 03, 2013 iPad
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Best iPad Guitar Amp

  iPad Guitar Amp If you don’t subscribe to the idea that spending $1.99 on a bucket load of crispy-fried cheap sounding overloaded guitar amp

May 10, 2013 iPad
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Alesis iO Dock – Hands On

  Alesis iO Dock Our iO dock arrived today and we are going to be putting it through it’s paces over the next few weeks

May 08, 2013 Gear, iPad
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iPad Interfaces – Alesis

Basic iPad audio interfaces We have previously looked at a few iPad audio interfaces that cater to the musician on the go who wants to

April 16, 2013 iPad
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Apple Logic iPad Control -IpTouch

      Apple Logic iPad Control -IpTouch If you are guitarist / musician with a home studio using logic one thing is for sure

January 11, 2013 iPad
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