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Damien Hirst – Art Guitars

For around 20 years Damien Hirst has been pushing the boundaries of sense, and sensibility, as well as aesthetics, art and earnings to become the

April 02, 2012 Culture
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Bill Frisell – Guitar Effects Pedals

  Here is a great Bill Frisell effects pedal video illustrating how Bill achieves some of his signature guitar sounds. Frisell is reknowned for his

February 04, 2012 Gear
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Richie Sambora – Hard Rock

Hard Rock Cafe Richie Sambora Acoustic We recently visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona to indulge in some rather exotic cocktails and to have

January 07, 2012 Culture
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Shepard Fairey – Obey Strummer

      Hope & 11th Hour Whilst Shepard Fairey will always remain unequivocably associated with the OBEY GIANT and Barack Obama “Hope” print from

December 29, 2011 Culture
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Custom Guitars – Sims Customs

The Sims Custom shop are a specialist guitar spray and finish shop offering custom paintwork to both guitar companies and private customers. They also specialize

November 10, 2011 Gear
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