How to use wholeworldband – Overdubbing

wholeworldband can seem complicated. If you want to record multiple tracks onto your own SEED track, or someone elses you have to BUY into the seed tracks, even your own, multiple times.


A. Right now there is no SEED DELETE function after upload.

B. If you want to build a full six track mosaic using someone else’s seed you need to buy back into the original seed for tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

the process:

1. Choose the seed track. Press “record with me” and buy .

2. In the STUDIO

PRESS RECORD TAKE  – make your count in / camera choices – press START RECORDING.

Press SAVE TAKE if you like your performance

3. Drag your contribution from the lower layer into the ORANGE BAR – the mix layer –  alongside the original artists seed (if you want to include it) .


4. Press “AUDIO MIXER”  – adjust your mix levels and panning.

Adjust the volume levels  before recording your next track  (press AUDIO MIXER again to close the audio mixer)


5. You can record THREE takes but only UPLOAD one of them. Don’t be fooled into laying your best performances down and having to throw good ones in the trash.

Throw the takes you don’t like into the TRASH CAN (lower left corner). Use the audio AUDIO MIXER to preview your performances.

6. When you record a take you like press “UPLOAD TRACK”  – follow steps 1 through 5 on the iPad screen.

To ADD more takes

8. Go back to the Home screen and find the same seed track then buy a second session (pressing record with me ) – go back to the STUDIO and in the lower layer find your first contribution (press the “three hotdogs” button in the lower left hand corner to open the slide-out menu and press “contributions” to find your first take). When you have found your contribution drag it into the ORANGE BAR – the mix layer above.

9. Use the audio mixer to adjust your levels and press record.

If necessary make up to four more recordings by repeating this process – buying back into the seed session –  uploading each recording and dragging each of your  recordings into the ORANGE MIX BAR


Press AUDIO MIXER to adjust the volume of your individual tracks, or DRAG them OUT of the ORANGE BAR if you don’t want them before making your next overdub.

You can also DRAG them to the TRASH CAN in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to get rid of them permanently.



Press AUDIO MIXER & create your mix.



Okay, now comes the really innovative & the fun part of wholeworldband – making a mosaic from your video recordings. If you are sure you have finished mixing your recording PRESS CREATE MOSAIC. This screen will appear:


DRAG your video clips into the central area!



choose to DISCARD it or SAVE MOSAIC.

If you recorded FIVE TRACKS but only want to use THREE in YOUR MOSAIC  you MUST RETURN to the STUDIO and DRAG the unwanted TRACKS out of the ORANGE MIX BAR.

If you are happy with the MOSAIC it’s time to PRESS SAVE MOSAIC.

You will return to the STUDIO and your MOSAIC will appear in the lower bar. You can tap on it to preview it once more before you decide to upload:


 PRESS UPLOAD MOSAIC. You will then be asked to set your PRICING.

Follow the five steps on the left –  press the numbers.


 When  finished press MENU and then APPLY & CLOSE.

Press UPLOAD MOSAIC and follow the instructions (again follow the numbers).


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