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AUDIOBUS – Essential iPad music Apps

AUDIOBUS AUDIOBUS is an essential basic app connector for your iPad. Yuu can combine up to three (compatible) apps simultaneously in any order to really

June 03, 2013 iPad
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JACK – Essential iPad music Apps

JACK – Essential iPad music Apps JACK is a free audio / midi App connection kit that turns your ipad audio apps into a completely

June 03, 2013 iPad
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Sampler App – Samplr App – Review

Samplr App Review If you are interested in using an intuitive  Sampler for ipad then Samplr is definitely worth a look! The iPad gesture based

June 03, 2013 iPad
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Novation Launchpad App – Review

Novation Launchpad App This free app from Novation  РLaunchpad Рdefinitely has potential. Novation are reknowned for their live performance hardware and software aimed

June 03, 2013 iPad
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Guitar Apps – iPad, iPhone & iPod – Part 1

How to connect and hook up your guitar to your iPad or iPhone – iRig The explosion of iPhone and iPad apps means you can

December 29, 2011 iPad
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