storm trooper guitar

Star Wars Guitar

If you’re looking for a gig on the Death Star then your ride is here. Hutchinson guitar concepts have received plenty of web time for what has been nicknamed the Star Wars or Storm Trooper guitar.

Deep Space Zero Gravity Gigs

Styled along the lines of classic Sci-Fi hardware with a heavy dusting of deep space wear and tear from a lifetime of zero gravity gigs at the end of the universe the Hutchinson “Cybertech” will look good alongside your collection of light sabres.

Hutchinson have also extended this particular styling to a very cool Roland synth style guitar – very cool. Both guitars feature midi / chaos pads.

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

Hutchinson specialises in many unique guitar design concepts embracing aesthetics from steam punk and industrial through to “gothic” with a heavy emphasis upon ageing and decay as well as construction quality. Check out all the guitars here.