Careful with that Axe Eugene

We aren’t big fans of the D.I.Y. relic scene at Rare Star Guitars (read more here) – the disastrous results can often be found on ebay. Taking a belt sander, chisel, blowtorch, hammer, pick axe to a Stratocaster is a recipe for disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing – there’s a very fine line between getting it right and the dreadful “fresh off the BBQ” look.

Rebel Relics VIntage Customs

Rebel Relics is an Amsterdam based guitar shop specialising in vintage style custom guitars and when it comes to ageing these guys are the arbiters of taste  – achieving that balance between realistic wear and tear and vintage style with a very fine repertoire of custom guitars.

What really marks Rebel Relics out is their attention to detail – a flamingo pink flamed maple will never look old no matter how many times you hit it with a hammer – Rebel relics have vintage colour nailed!

Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top is a client.

Visit the Rebel Relic gallery here and cast your eyes across some of their very seductively vintage guitar customisations.