New horizons in picking sound today from SnakePick – very handy if you sweat buckets and keep dropping your picks all over the stage. Snake picks come i three guages/ colours.

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Unlike the vast majority of existing plectrum styles, the SnakePick will never drop out of the player’s fingers, it will never rotate in the player’s fingers (given the sizing is correct) and it allows normal playing style with comfort and dexterity.

The SnakePick coils around the player’s finger at an outward taper. The necessary tension is created by the coil sizes in relation to the finger. The SnakePick is available in four different finger sizes, with three different pick densities.

In the most common usage of the SnakePick, it is worn on the index finger and positioned optimally facing the thumb.

The SnakePick allows you to play various styles. Unlike finger picks, you can strum and pick or use your pick-free fingers to pluck strings. The possibilities of how you play have multiplied greatly.

You can turn the SnakePick to different angles for various tones, just like a standard pick.