Award Session Blues Baby

Hot off the blocks reknowned high quality British amp builders Award Session have  rolled out probably the greatest concept in amp building – The Blues Baby 22 – Session build the electronics and you build or source the cabinet yourself.

Clapton Winwood

It sounds great – 22 watts of  classic tone from the company that created the legendary Session series of amplifiers including the mind blowing power house Retro Tone 140 – Clapton has used their amplifiers in the past and Steve Winwood recently chose Award Session Cleartone Custom cables for a recent gig at Madison Square Garden with Eric.

The Valve Conspiracy!

Everything you need to know is on the Award Session website from sourcing your cabinet through to why Session amplifiers are built to a specification that knocks the socks off valve / lamp / tube based circuits, debunking the valve versus transistor mythology. Session design their power amps in a unique way and they have over 30 years of amp building experience – their amplifiers are rock solid and serve up stunning tonal characteristics. Session amplifiers are one of the best kept secrets in the history of British amplification.

Rock Solid Blues Tone

I’ve been using Session amplifiers myself for over 20 years and I was so confident in their quality, versatility, capability and rich tonal character I bought my Session Retro Tone 140 without even hearing it – these amplifiers are pure unadulterated British class.

The Blues Baby is already in high demand costs as little as £179 GBP with subsidised world shipping and the specification is off the hook. If you want to take the “Blues Junior” tone to the next level and choose your own cabinet  speaker combo for an ultra cool boutique style and sound then your ride is here!

Support your local heroes – click here to check out the specifications!