bugera v5

Bugera V5


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Bugera V5

…is a 5-Watt Class-A Tube Amplifier Combo with Reverb and Power Attenuator. Running on 1 power and 1 preamp tube, with simple controls, the BUGERA V5 delivers a sound drenched in real vintage tube tone.

The Bugera V5 also has modern features that will take your sound to a whole new level.

Bugera V5

The Bugera V5 attenuator provides richly saturated tube tone at 1, 5 or 0.1 Watts – that way your enighbours will love you – and a headphone jack for private practice.

If you need to kick out the jams the SPEAKER OUT jack can drive a BUGERA 4 x 12 cabinet! Built-in reverb means you’ve a vintage-voiced truly versatile powerhouse that you can carry in one hand.


Bugera Hum & Bugera Mods

RAT VALVE AMPS BUGERA mod solves issues with the stock Bugera V5:

1. A “hum” from the speaker – no good for recording.
2. Attenuator circuit kills the tone.
3. Headphone level is feeble.
4. The standard Bugera V5 is better with Stratocaster and Telecasters not Gibson style guitars.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Bugera V5 RAT MOD