Best iPad Music Apps?

If you’re interested in making music with an iPad then you will need to choose the best music apps.

We can’t review them all but as we work our way through testing apps we will post our results!


Apps for the Guitarist…& Musician

We have decided to focus upon iPad Apps that offer quality – not gimmicks / toys –  apps that offer great sonic quality, as well as usability  if possible in the context of real live performance.

The App store is flooded with plenty of apps designed with the “guitarist” in mind and some of them ought to be given away with boxes of cornflakes. This is fine if you love oatmeal, but we don’t eat breakfast here.

We will be spending alot of time researching and experimenting with apps that we think will cut the mustard & actively using and testing these apps to try and wring out the full worth of their capabilities.

We’ve also included a few apps that have missed the boat this time around but which could become essential if the developers pick up their game in the future!



Essential Apps

The first two apps that are essential for any iPad musician are AUDIOBUS  and JACK. Get either one of them immediately – JACK is advanced.



Select an app filter it through another and then receive it in another.

Plenty of apps are audiobus compatible – essential if you want to make iPad music.

If that isn’t flexible enough then you can use JACK….





JACK allows audio channels and MIDI ports of your audio & music apps to talk to each other.

You can freely connect them in any way you want.



Music / Audio App Reviews


1. Whole World Band

Right now Whole World Band app is probably the most revolutionary music app on the planet.

Jam with, and then record with other musicians videos on the Whole World Band app.

Create video mixes.

Earn royalties.

Blow your mind.

Paradigm shifting work of genius.

Follow us as we test the Whole World Band app !


1. Novation Launchpad

The first Ableton Live styled performance app for iPad?

Loop stretching and quantize!

The next big live looper?


2. Studio Devil Guitar Amp

Serious tube amp simulator from guys that know their vacuum tube onions?

It’s something special so, What’s missing?


3. Samplr

Samplr – a sampling app that makes sampling and sound manipulation intuitive?

Do you want it all?

It’s almost perfect.


4. SunVox  

A highly flexible and very DEEP modular synthesizer / sequencer.

An ocean-sized behemoth of mindblowing sonic capability.

It can probably make toast.

But, can you plug a guitar into it?