Bugera Amplifiers

Although a relative newcomer int the all valve guitar amplifier market Bugera have immediately made waves with a solid feature set at great price points – that means you get a lot of bang for your buck. Bugera is a subsidiary of Behringer – reknowned for producing affordable and capable recording equipment – and their mission is to give you big guitar tones at an affordable price.

Affordable Valve Amp

BUGERA go to great pains to select and test their valves. They also make every major amp and cabinet component – including the voice-coil windings and cones of their custom speakers.Quality control is impiortant at Bugera and they use modern technologies to achieve vintage results – which means reliability is not a problem. After a battery of tests at each stage of assembly EVERY amp is finally calibrated and tested by a guitarist.


Bugera V5

Bugera’s tiny V5 amp is solidly built an an all steel chassis to high standards using high quality Components, decent P.C.B.’s and with top-Class Transformers and a good quality valve set. At the rear are a multi impedence speaker output, power attenuator and ‘phones Socket – it’s similar in size to an Old Epiphone Valve Junior but is a much better amp across the board.
The Buger V5 is all valve Class ‘A’, single ended,cCathode Bias with a ’12AX7′ Preamp tube and ‘EL84′ Power Valve. The reverb is digital but runs in parallel so, importantly, at NO time is the main analogue valve signal converted to digital. This sets a new standard in value for money.


Rat Valve Amps & The Bugera V5 combo mod

Look out for the RAT VALVE AMPS Bugera V5 combo because the R.V.A. modification of the Bugera V5 gives you everything great about the Bugera but in a really “dialled” modification package with plenty of tone that improves upon the Bugeras good points. The mysterious man behind RAT VALVE AMPS has been modifying valve amplifiers for over 35 years so you can rest assured that his knowledge and work is second to none.

RAT VALVE AMPS modifications of the BUGERA seeks to solve a few simple issues with the standard Bugera V5:

1. A Pronounced “hum” from the stock speaker – no good for recording.
2. The attenuator circuit kills tone rather than building it.
3. Headphone Output is weak.
4. The character of the standard Bugera V5 means it is suited to Stratocaster and Telecasters rather than Gibson style guitars.


RAT VALVE AMPS BUGERA V5 MODIFICATIONS solve all these problems to deliver a small but tone loaded amp that will sound great with any guitar.

1. The speaker attenuator has been replaced with RAT ‘FIXED-OPR’ circuit – this gives you REAL driven sounds with WIDE HARMONIC TONE and BIG SUSTAIN at 5 watts, 2 watts and 1 watt. The OPR is electronic NOT passive.

2. – Auto-Bias – You will never need to Re-Bias any of the Valves in this Amp even if you change them.

3. The standard silicon rectifier has been replaced with a tri-Rectifier NOS EI ‘EZ80′. The ‘silicon mode’ gives you sharp and modern sounds whilst the two vintage modes give you a more vintage sound and great “SAG” with soft initial attack and long sustain.

4. Inclusion of a standby position on the mains switch.

5. Stock Bugera spoeaker replaced with a celestion Super8.

6. 3 Bias and 3 Gain switches (low, medium and high) give you 9 voice choices from the preamp valve, from clean through to crunch. Put simply position 1 is great with humbuckers, the middle with any guitar and 3 with single coil guitars.

7. Speaker HUM has been removed and background noise reduced plus the speaker output socket replaced with autoswitching dummy load.

8. Headphones circuitry replaced and now work frequency corrected – with or without the main speaker connected.

9. A dedicated line-out , speaker emulated, for DI nto a mixing console, DAW, recorder or slave amp.


The RAT VALVE AMPS BUGERA V5 mod is probably the best bang for yur buck in a 5watt amplifier right now – set the country SELECTOR to G.B. to see the RAT VALVE AMP products

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