Within Temptation – And We Run ft. Xzibit

We’ve been away for a long time! But we are back. And, to bring everything back into sharp focus – two music video from Jake Edwards. This first video is a remix of Within Temptation And We Run ft. Xzibit.

What? Neo-Classical metal crossover music?  Here? Yes we know this is a guitar PURIST’S website! But, that’s okay – Within Temptation have two guys with guitars slung around their necks. Don’t they?

So Jake Edwards stripped out all the guitar and original instrumentation from the wholeworldband app and built a video remix around the rhymes of Xzibit. Cunning.

Ron Wood vs Jake Edwards Remix

To appease the devil and save his corrupt soul Jake Edwards also created an audio -visual remix of the classic Ron Wood wholeworldband track “Fill Her up Honey”. Yes THAT  Ron Wood of The Faces and The Rolling Stones.

within temptation

CLICK HERE or CLICK on RON WOOD to check it out!


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