The British Blues Sound

Fleetwood Mac can count among their numbers a who’s who of great guitarists: Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Dave Mason and Lyndsey Buckingham. When Fleetwood Mac founder and guitar legend Peter Green returned to the recording studio in 1979 to record “In the Skies” he chose Snowy White as a second contributing guitarist. Peter Green has often been cited by guitarists such as Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Jimmy Page as one of the greatest guitarists of all time and you can hear exactly why he chose Snowy White on the instrumental “Slabo Day”.

Gibson Les Paul Vox AC30

Subtle yet powerful, understated yet poignant Snowy White’s guitar playing showcases a style and undeniably articulate feel that picks up the trajectory where the Peter Green guitar rocket fell to earth. One of England’s greatest and most distinctive guitarists remains a well kept blues and guitar connoisseurs secret.  Like Peter Green he plays with a distinctive shimmering vibrato, favours a late 1950’s Gibson Les Paul guitar plus a pair of early VOX AC30 amps delivering a smooth tone and a clean sound with plenty of colour and character.


He has played with Thin Lizzy, David Gilmour, and Pink Floyd – here he is playing the guitar solo on Pink Floyd’s Pigs on the Wing.


And a Peter Green tribute: