Shawn Lane

After seeing an Alan Holdsworth concert at the age of 15 Shawn Lane was inspired to develop his own style of fusion guitar and his first album “Powers of Ten” (1992) won several awards and Guitar Player awarded him best new talent. Lane although reknowned for his technical ability and speed, leant towards jazz fusion rather than the one dimensional, egocentric neo-classical shred of Yngwie Malmsteen. In 1995 Lane began a series of excellent collaborations with Jonas Hellborg – one album featuring Santana’s drummer Michael Shrieve (see the Woodstock “Soul Sacrifice” performance). Unfortunately Shawn Lane died in 2003 from lung related complications and had suffered from psoriasis throughout his life.

Kofi Baker

This album (below)  is a fantastic, late night dream sequence of ethereal guitar and more…the guitar playing is , to be honest , out of this world, the production is exemplary – there is even more   – the drum solo at 31.59, is an education… even better than TOAD! We thought, how can this be better than Ginger Baker’s Toad? And it sounds like Ginger? It’s simple. This is Ginger Baker’s son Kofi Baker on the album – damn right, he’s probably better than the old man! This is truly off the damn hook. Check it out. Classic thundering, yet balanced tom-floor-tom Baker-isms, classic (Baker family) hi-hat work, subtle, and smooth Baker cymbal splashes, in the right places, soft hi hat splash, with exceptional (press) rolls, polyrhythmic grooves,  completely syncopated, smooth polyrhythms, this is incredible, it isn’t heavy handed (like many lead footed drummers(!)), well balanced, interpolated, there aren’t enough adjectives for this drumming performance.  Kofi Baker is out of this world. Probably the best drumming in the last 30 years! Thanks Shawn, you’ve taste in spades! If you live in C.A. you can check out Kofi Baker here – grab some drum tuition, and watch some great drum performance. Krupa, Rich ?