Riding Panico

Riding Panico are an instrumental post rock band from Portugal who fuse ambient rock and looped guitar spaces.

We discovered Riding Panico when their music was used for this fantastic video featuring bmx legend Ruben Alcantara at an enormous, secret skateboard park in a tiny village in Portugal. Riding Panico fuse an often dramatic sense of melody with oblique noise and guitarscapes to create a unique post rock flavour in a clean and clear mix of angular rock, free from the artefacts of overindulgence.

Ruben Alcantara The Lost Bowl

The Riding Panico facebook page

The Riding Panico GROOVESHARK page where you can listen to the album LADY COBRA.


Releases:  LADY COBRA (2008)

Band members: João (guitar) Makoto (bass) Mike (guitar) Carlos (drums) Jorge (guitar) Shela (keyboards / ambient / noise) Ângelo (sound)