Band of Gypsys

Let’s blast off into the guitar cosmos with one of the greatest live guitar performances that illustrates why Jimi Hendrix remains at number one in the greatest guitarist polls and remains rock music’s most influential guitarist / instrumentalist.

Machine Gun shows Hendrix at his creative and sonic peak; effortlessly appearing to bend time and space in a mesmerizing display that pushes his playing and equipment to the edge whilst completely redefining the limits of the electric guitar.

Hendrix Effects Pedals

Machine Gun provides an archetypal insight into Jimi’s guitar effects. A Vox wah-wah pedal, a Mayer Axis Fuzz, an Arbiter Fuzz Face, a Univibe pedal, and an Octavia pedal are all featured on the Machine Gun performance.

Feedback & Sustain

Miles of glorious feedback, sustain and distorted space tones explode through a series of groove infused riffs and melodic motifs that Hendrix conjures from his black Stratocaster in a psychedelic symphony of sirens & gunfire. He destroys everything with an emotional immediacy and intuition that recreates the sounds, violence and harrowing aftermath of Vietnam conflict.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that it was recorded on January the 1st 1970 – eight months later Hendrix was dead and the sixties were definitely over.