Instrumental Driving music for Felons.

A musical collective series, founded by Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) in 1997. Apparently the first session “Instrumental Driving music for Felons Desert Sessions Volume 1″ was completed in four days of jamming whilst under the influence of entheogenic mushrooms. The musical style is a dark, loose, sonic, psychedelia hued stoner rock with leanings toward Pink Floyd and the occasional angular melodics of Captain Beefheart.

The Desert Sessions took place at the Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree when Josh Homme brought together musicians from Monster Magnet, Goatsnake, Kyuss  and Soundgarden.


Purple Vinyl

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Side A

A:1. “Girl Boy Tom”

  • Drums: Alfredo
  • Bass: Dav Catching
  • Guitar: McBain
  • Guitar Wafts: Fred Drake
  • Keys: Josh

A:2. “Monkey in the Middle”

  • Rhythm Guitar: Josh
  • Lead, Lap: McBain
  • Bass: Ben
  • Drums, Keys – Fred Drake
  • Crumar: Dave Catching
Side B

B:1. “Cowards Way Out”

  • Drums: Fred Drake (And Some Keys Too)
  • Bass: Ben
  • Guitars: Josh
  • Guitar: Dave Catching
  • Keys: The Evil McBain

B:2. “Robotic Lunch”

  • Proto-Type Drums: Alfredo Hernandez
  • Drums: Brant
  • Guitar Extension Left: Josh
  • Slide Extension Right: The Evil McBain
  • Bass: Ben Shepherd
  • Vocal Transmissions: LSP2-4 and Pete Stahl
  • Simulated Regasm Mechanism: Bi-Ji
  • Sermons Circa 1903: The Reverend Ponce Jones