Jimi Hendrix Experience at Monterey

If there was ever a soul sacrifice made to the celestial gods of the guitar, it was Jimi Hendrix himself. When Hendrix exploded into flames at the Monterey Pop Festival it marked his immediate ascendency into the rock n roll aristocracy. He had officially arrived – other performers at Monterey included Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Eric Burden and The Who. Hendrix played a raucous set opening with high octane performances of blues classics “Killing Floor” and “Rock Me Baby” as well as a triumphant and spectacular cover of Bob Dylan’s anthem “Like a Rolling Stone”.

During “Hey Joe” he played the solos with his teeth and behind his head. He ended his performance playing “Wild Thing” – a filthy, noise drenched rendition that collapsed into chaotic avant-garde feedback and broken sound while he attacked his amplifiers. He then knelt at his guitar, set it on fire and smashed it into pieces before hurling the remnants into the audience. Some people said it was sacriligious. What was obvious was that in 45 minutes of sexually charged feedback, fire and sonic violence Hendrix could change everything.

Jimi Hendrix Dead at 27

Unfortunately Hendrix also joined another exclusive club – the 27 club – along with Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and others who were all dead at 27 years old. Hendrix burnt away in a three year vapour trail of psychedelic drugs, hard touring, band changes, alcohol, groupies, invention, and innovation – notwithstanding the management, money and alleged mafia troubles that followed in his infinitely surfed wake. It is also now rumoured that Hendrix may have even been murderd by former manager Mike Jeffery.

Best Hendrix albums

Jimi Hendix only recorded three studio albums and one live disc in his lifetime butHendrix’ reputation, talent and legendary status has often been exploited – albums such as “Midnight Lightning” and “Loose Ends” are almost irrelevant. The erroneously labelled sessions where he performed as a sideman with Curtis Knight are really best suited to the connoisseur or collector. Such a vast musical legacy is often hard to make sense of so we have put together the Essential Jimi Hendrix albums that actually distill the the soaring, expressive talent and vision of Hendrix’ legacy both live and in the studio.


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1. Are You Experienced

2. Axis: Bold As Love

 3. Electric Ladyland

More great Jimi Hendrix albums very very soon.