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“That’s what happens when Earth f*cks with Space”

The Jimi Hendrix debut album from 1967, peaked at number 2 in the U.K. chart – beaten to number one by none other than The Beatles landmark “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Rolling Stone magazine placed this album at N.o. 15 in their list of the 500 greatest records of all time. It features some of Jimi Hendrix’ sriking and innovative compostions.


Psychedelic Guitar Rock

The Jimi Hendrix Experience first album fuses gritty rock, psychedelia and feedback in a blistering rocket fuelled journey to the centre of the cosmos. This is as close to ‘classic’ rock as Hendrix gets with pumping riffs, weird chromatic guitar solos (“Purple Haze”) and a lyrical disposition (especially in “The Wind Cries Mary”) that combines Dylanesque surrealism with the hip acid talk of the American Summer of Psychedelic Love.

Distortion & Feedback

This album is filled with triumphant feelings of revolution, victory and optimism, which burn like bright flags amongst a speudo-existentialist spacescape that flirts with ideas of depression and death beyond time. It’s a fervent and heady mix of grass roots psychedelia and Jimi’s earthy hands on approach to tonal exploration, distortion, feedback and his elemental urgency on the guitar ensures it burns white hot, like magnesium at midnight.

The Verdict – Good, bad or just ugly?

Hendrix launches his career with an epoch defining masterpiece to rival, perhaps eclipse Cream’s greatest efforts – unique, and transcendental yet raw, rootsy guitar propel Hendrix Are You Experienced band straight ahead into the future.