If you can’t afford one of our historic and rare pre-loved guitars –  the Eric Clapton SG body Les Paul, George Harrison Maton or David Bowie 12 string – then do not despair; there are some great online resources available.


To help you find the quality instruments – drum, percussion, bass, piano, key’s, guitar, brass, bowed and woodwind – as well as amps, effects pedals, books and Dvd’s – check out A quick look at their website reveals some fine pieces:

  • Late 50’s & Early 1960’s Fender Stratocasters, Jaguars, Jazzmasters and more.
  • Some very unusual guitars such as a 1969 Fender Maverick custom (as seen with  Johnny Winter at Woodstock).
  • Late 50’s Gibson Les Paul standards, Les Paul Recording models, ES-330’s, as well as Gretsch, Bread, Breedlove, Hamer, Rickenbacker models and more.
  • Selmer saxophones, Conn Elkhart woodwind, DW and Ludwig and Tama collectors drum kits.
  • Many vintage amplifiers from Marshall, Fender, Orange, Sunn, Vox and Dumble along with many more boutique amplifier brands.


Vintage and Rare provide a huge resource for individuals, luthiers, instrument builders and dealers to list vintage, rare and exceptional musical instruments and accessories on a single platform – their website is one of the finest online collection of cool guitars and music equipment online.


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