Learn Guitar Fast

One of the problems with many online guitar learning courses is that the instructions and guitar lessons you receive are often hard to reconcile with your musical tastes and your ambitions as a guitar player. Learning “Go tell it on the Mountain” is not going to be very inspiring to you if you listen to Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The White Stripes, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin.



Learn Guitar Online

Working your way through pages of diagrams and lacklustre, poorly explained instructions isn’t everybody’s cup of tea either.  There are plenty of online guitar courses that claim to “unlock the secrets” of the guitar and turn you into Eddie Van Halen or Joe Satriani in 6 weeks. You’ve got to laugh, because of course, that’s a load of bullshit 99% of the time. And, how do you really know if that online course is any good?

Choose the right guitar course online

You don’t. Barry  Gimplizard from northern Saskatchewan might have enjoyed the course – he’s learnt four chords – but, will you get anything out of it? Maybe….Maybe not. Many of these courses are a numbers game. You have to ask yourself how many of the “thousands” of people who downloaded the course even finished it? Having 20,000 customers really doesn’t mean anything.

Learn your favourite Songs

Everybody knows that for the last 40 years many respected guitarists learnt how to play great guitar through emulating their guitar heroes – by listening to and playing along with records.

Eric Clapton certainly listened to Freddie, Albert and BB King just for starters. It’s a sure-fire proven method – you can’t find a better teacher than a legendary guitarist like Jimi Hendrix, or Eric Clapton. They also became great guitarists and musicians through playing, alot, with other musicians.



Learn Guitar from the Masters

So you have all the records you’re ever going to need but, it’s hard work figuring out exactly what Eric is doing on “Spoonful”. There’s something mystical about Jimi Hendrix’ phrasing – just what exactly is he doing? And Jeff Beck – he’s all over the place –  it’s ‘next level’ guitar. Don’t fret.

Load any MP3

“Things just got a whole lot easier” because Riffstation software is the perfect guitar software to help you quickly and easily understand exactly what your favourite guitarists are playing.

Load any MP3  and Riffstation automatically generates a real-time chord display which synchronises with the music. You can extract the chords, isolate the guitar solos or rhythm parts, slow down the difficult parts, and create loops as well as create jam tracks:



Simply take one of your favourite guitar tracks and Riffstation will help your guitar learning. This guitar software has three core  parts:

The chord viewer will calculate the chords from your mp3’s and show you how and when to play them.

The jam master allows you to slow down, and loop, your favourite or  difficult guitar parts. it also allows you to ISOLATE the guitar.

Riff builder allows you to create and ensemble your favourite riffs and build loops to jam along with.


RiffStation Isolate Tool

Of course, the wonderful angle to this tool is that the idiosyncracies of the world greatest players will be magically revealed. The video below demonstrates how the Riffstation Isolate tool can quickly reveal the  unique characteristics of Jimi Hendrix “Hey Joe”. So, all you’ve got to do now is change the world.


Riffstation is available here – there is a free trial of the software and at the moment it is available for €39.99. Check it out, because it’s as close to a lesson with Hendrix as anyone is going to get.