Free Blues Guitar Lesson

If you want to begin learning the basic building blocks of the blues, as used by Stefan in his video, the E blues guitar scale is a great place to learn because in the first position it makes use of the guitars’ open strings.

Because at its most basic it only contains 5 notes: E, G, A, B, and D it is called pentatonic – “penta” means five. Here we will be repeating the scale over two octaves to build a scale shape that is highly common in blues music.

For the most part Stefan sticks to this shape, adding two embellishing extra notes. The chord sequence is standard blues: E, A and B7 throughout except at 7.25 he plays E to G to A in classic “Ten Years After” style.

Here is a .pdf  file to download  the blues scale used guitar lesson: guitar_how_to_blues_scale_E_minor_pentatonic