So what is SunVox ?

SunVox is a very flexible, modular synthesizer and sequencer / tracker built into a fast efficient app by Alexander Zolotov and it packs some serious punch. For a start Sun Vox comes fully loaded with everything you need to fire up this app on your iPad and begin creating iPad music – compatibility with AUDIOBUS and JACK (iOs Linux) – plus other sound systems:

ASIO, DirectSound, MME, ALSA, OSS

Immediately SunVox ticks all the right boxes because it also features MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. Excellent.



The Interface

As you can see from the screenshots the immense flexibility and capability of SunVox has created a highly individual, yet compact interface. Despite the complexity of the app the interface has been very intelligently thought out – using a fluid panel design – and there’s a certain raw, technical and minimal science fiction style in the design. After all, if you want an app to run smooth and fast – there’s no need wasting energy on unnecessary decoration.

This interface is still incredibly well designed and communicates exactly what is happening without recourse to gratuitous interface elements. SunVox is like any ordinary interface with all the rubbish stripped away.

The engine underneath is built with highly optimised algorithms and the clean mathematics is evident in the serious nature of the PATTERN & EVENT panel – see the video just below for a quick guide.


Guitar anyone?

The first thing we wanted to try was  running some live guitar through the SunVox app so we cranked up the Alesis iO Dock plugged in the stratocaster and created a chain of custom modules in the SunVox interface. Starting with a simple INPUT module in the SOUND NETWORK panel the guitar signal was flowing straight into the app no problem at all (iOs and Android only at the moment).

Afterwards it was simple to create custom workflows of different modules such as REVERB, DISTORTION, MODULATION, COMPRESSOR, ECHO, FILTER, FLANGE etcetera to build up an effects chain. Manipulating parameters for the modules is as simple as touching a module and then using sliders in the left panel. Really intuitive but quite tricky to use off-the-cuff in a live situation. Assuming everything can be very flexibly controlled by MIDI assignments then this proves no problem for anyone who wants to set up controllers  – or something like KONKREET PERFORMER for live use.



Scratching the Surface

Our first impressions of SunVox were entirely excellent. The modular nature of the SOUND NETWORK panel – simply chaining modules together offered almost infinite signal iterations to be very quickly assembled and the fidelity of the sound the app produced was of the highest quality.

Obviously we have only just scratched the surface of this incredibly deep app and there will be a lot more to come as we dig deeper into the SunVox arsenal.

If you want more information on the remarkable SUNVOX app please click here.