iPad Guitar Amp

If you don’t subscribe to the idea that spending $1.99 on a bucket load of crispy-fried cheap sounding overloaded guitar amp emulators is a good one – and we don’t – then check out the Guitar Amp from Studio Devil.


iPad Tube Amp

The Guitar Amp is a simple “app” built to resemble a guitar pedal. What makes it a cut above the average iPad guitar amp fodder is that Studio Devil use proprietary vacuum tube amp modelling. The amp has  three basic modes:

  • red – modern lead
  • green  – classic clean 
  • yellow – British crunch

combined with three additional cabinet “voices” together with gain, level, bass and treble.


Expecting the worst we downloaded the app and fired it up. The results were, in fact, astonishing for an app. People say that $4.99 is a little overpriced for an app – and maybe that is true if you expect to buy a cluster of brittle and cheap sounding faux amps and a boxful of effects in a single download that sound like crapola. If you care about how your guitar sounds when using your iPad this is probably the way to go.


The iPad Guitar Amp sound

Here is a little sound cloud recording showing some of what the Guitar Amp for iPad is capable of producing. We used an Alesis iO Dock, but for convenience sent the outputs into an Mbox and recorded in Logic – this probably added a little extra noise to the sound.

The Guitar Amp also comes with Delay Box which is a basic delay pedal with time, level, style , repeats & ping-pong options.

The Studio Devil website is here.


Using Guitar Amp App Live


We took the iPad out for a jam session and gave the Guitar Amp app a good run for its money straight into the P.A. Well, the app handled itself just like a real tube amp producing great distortion and overdrive with warm  harmonics and highly realistic feedback – in a live setting, with a little EQ adjustment it was superb, with a highly accurate and detailed tube amp character that seemed hard to believe from an iPad app.

Admittedly there is something intangible about playing through a vintage all valve amp head that cannot be truly replaced, but the Guitar Amp sound was still astonishingly good. When we pushed the signal through an actual 2×12 cabinet the results were even better.

If Studio Devil add AUDIOBUS or JACK support to this little app it could really develop into something special.