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wampler_pedalsWampler Guitar Effects Pedals

Wampler – it’s a strange name for a guitar pedal. Brian Wampler, however, is happy to put his name to these great sounding effects pedals because he designs and tests them himself. Wampler Pedals are considered by guitarists, the world over, to be synonymous with great guitar tone and quality craftsmanship. Pedals, that don’t sound like pedals – all tone and no mud, pedals that don’t mess with your sound.

If a solid, responsive, hand built effects pedal that screams quality and sounds even better is on your list, then the Wampler pedal range might be exactly what you need.


Boutique Effects Pedals

Brian Wampler is a guitarist who began, back in the day, modding (modifying) pedals himself and after years of modding pedals decided it was time to build his own. Wampler pedals are born from this experience, and coupled with Brian’s passion to create superb tone and a commitment to quality – each pedal is hand built in the U.S.A. from the highest grade componentry. Wampler pedals are also dedicated to their customers and their customer service is second to none.

We recently spoke with Wampler and through Facebook, with Brian himself – next level service! Brian genuinely cares about his pedals, and his customers




The Wampler Pedal Company

Because Wampler are a small and highly focused company their attention to detail is superlative, and, their guitar pedals evolve – their Ecstasy over drive pedal has recently been upgraded and is now called the Euphoria.

Jeff Beck has recently been running this box in his board.

Wampler are always seeking to improve their pedals, and to build musical pedals that preserve your character and your tone. Here’s a video of Brian Wampler himself, keeping his hand-on, and demonstrating the Euphoria pedal – he clearly knows his onions – those are some of  fattest, beefy Telecaster tones we’ve heard ’round here for a while.





The Wampler Pedal Range

The Wampler website – click here – organises the pedals into 6 easy to understand streams. It also illustrates, as any experienced amplifier and tone master (like Brian) will tell you, that Wampler know exactly what they are doing. Soon to come is the brand new Decibel+ Buffer/Booster – more on that later.


1. Wampler Signature Series

Brad Paisley Overdrive -

The signature overdrive pedal for country music superstar Brad Paisley “clean & crunchy with some ‘beef’ to it. A fluid tone when soloing, & flat out ball busting gain.”

Brent Mason Hot Wired -

Nashville’s Brent Mason is probably one of the most recorded guitar players in history. Two pedals in one (overdrive – gentle break up to all out crunch, and fat, creamy distortion. If need be you can stack them both together for a huge, huge sound.






ecstasy_overdrive2. The Gain Stage:

Ecstacy / Euphoria Overdrive -

If you love the sounds of Dumble amplifiers, and Eric Johnson. The pedal is dynamic and responsive so you can tweak it like an amplifier. See Brian Wampler’s demonstration video above. Jeff Beck has also been running the Euphoria in his live pedal board.

Sovereign Distortion -

Distortion can be difficult – it can %$@ your  tone, badly, but the Sovereign delivers organic, convincing and inspiring dirt tones; with a tight bottom end and just the right amount of tube amp sag.

Leviathan Fuzz -

If you want to angrily destroy your tone into a thousand pieces and then rebuild it again , then the Leviathan is probably the fuzz for you. Somehow Wampler have created an aggressive fuzz that’s brutal enough to smash tonal atoms but leave yout tone intact.




black_65_pedal3. Heritage Series:

Black ’65 -

The Black accurately emulates a classic Fender on heat, with a gain boost switch to really crank up the Fender tone.

Tweed ’57

The Tweed emulates the historic Fender tweed sounds with a 3 badn EQ and input simulator this pedal offers classic early Fender tone and extraordinary dynamic response.


Classic Marshall in a box sound and power built around the desirable JTM-45 tone, crunch and response – everything you ever wanted from a classic British Bluesbreaker Marshall stack.


Come back soon as we burn through the rest of the Wampler Gear!



Amp in a Box:
Triple Wreck

Faux Series:
Faux analogue echo
Faux tape echo
Faux Spring Reverb

Ego Compressor
Nirvana Chorus/Vibrato


wampler pedals on ebay
Wampler on Ebay

The great news with Wampler pedals quality tone and construction is you can grab their new pedals from trusted dealers on Ebay. And many of their discontinued classics are  on Ebay as well. Get your hands on the mean transparent tones and sounds that your guitar playing deserves.