Unique Guitar Tone

Everybody is searching for that elusive and unique guitar tone and sound. Smooth, fat, responsive, warm, crisp, sparkling, modern, vintage…

Josh Fiden started Voodoo Lab in 1986 – they build and design rugged and reliable handmade guitar effects, one at a time, from the finest components to deliver pure, richly detailed tones.

The list of  Voodoo users is huge and includes David Gilmour, Eric Clapton and Andy Summers through to the Grateful Dead, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonny Landreth, Paul Weller and Radiohead.


Voodoo Giggity – Ouija Tone – Guitar pre-amp

The Voodoo Labs GIGGITY is a highly unique pedal – an analogue mastering PREAMP – with powerful tone shaping capabilities and can therefore give your guitar sound lots of character. To illustrate, The Giggity can take a Twin Reverb and make it sound like a convincing Marshall and vice versa. It can also transform your single coil Strat into a fat Les Paul. Giggity also features true bypass switching via a high reliability gold-contact relay.


Sun Moon Air Body

Where some pedals opt for predictable ‘bass’, ‘treble’, “tone” and “drive” controls the Giggity offers the ingenious SUN and MOON parameters as well as BODY and AIR. It would be easy to dismiss this kind of ‘talk” as Hocus Pocus witch-doctor spin, but the Giggity sounds amazing and it ought to come with a no bullshit guarantee.

More than Overdrive or Boost

Giggity isn’t just an overdrive or boost pedal. Giggity really helps you transform and fine tune the character of your guitars sonic output. The Giggity can bring sparkle, drive and rich body to dull and flat sounding amps or add air, depth and shimmer to a brittle, thin guitar sound.

One of the most exciting features of the Giggity is the Sun & Moon settings that enhance detail, clarity or thickness and warmth.

  • Loudness controls the input gain compression
  • Body adds or cuts the lower mid range of bass frequencies
  • Air adds or cuts the mid to high range of bass frequencies
  • Master controls your output level
  • Sun & Moon – changes the gain structure and voicing of the pre-amp; sun gives you detail and clarity whereas moon delivers warmth and thickness.

Clapton Woman Tone – Vintage Dumble Tone – Eric Johnson Tone

The Giggity is the best 150 dollars you can spend if you want to really experiment with sounds like Eric Clapton’s famous “Woman” Tone, the legendary Dumble Amplifier tones and the violin like guitar sounds of players like Eric Johnson. Of course it delivers a whole lot more in terms of tone flexibility and sonic range depending on which amp and which guitar you choose – as well as where you place it in your effects chain.

James Santiago demonstrates the sonic power of the Giggity “Dumble” setting together with an Eric Johnson Dunlop Fuzz Face to deliver an incredibly deep and resonant Eric style guitar tone:


Click here if you want to see James, the vice president of Voodoo, demonstrate the Giggity in depth, with more Eric tones plus some U2 | Edge AC30 tones,  and more…on their Voodoo Lab channel. This pedal is “the business” – these guys are guitar players.