Unique Art / Guitar Amplifiers

Artistic Amplification specialise in building small, unique guitar amplifiers and iPod /mp3 amps from almost anything and everything. Each amp has a unique set of sonic chracteristics and are perfect if you are looking for something unusual.

Super Hero Sounds

The amplifiers are powered by a simple 9 volt battery and the Ruby amp circuit which means virtually anything you desire can be transformed into a unique guitar amplification piece of art – output is at about half a watt.




Duck Rock

Some of Artistic Amplifications creations include vintage telephones, a Ouija Board, a Hunting Duck Decoy, lunch boxes, cigar boxes, and toys. The limit really is your imagination – if you think there is some unique sonic potential laying around the house – the world is your lobster!

Artistic Amplification

Visit the Artistic amplification website here and transform some of your collectibles, or even your junk,  into very cool unique guitar amps.