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The windswept Dudes down at Galasso guitars, in one pure stroke of genius have repurposed old and battered skateboard decks into some of the most unique guitar necks and body designs known to mankind.

Galasso Guitars

Ezequiel Galasso of Galasso guitars has experienced a huge demand for these repurposed skate decks and that’s no surprise the results are very groovy indeed. The layered maple of old skateboard decks lends a peculiarly attractive striping to the guitar bodies and necks as well as the kudos and worn patina of a deck thats been beaten to within an inch of it’s life. It always seemed a shame to us that unless you could pull a handplant on vert no-one really saw the gorgeous artwork under your deck.

Let’s hope they begin a service whereby we can send our own decks in. I’d like to get an old Powell Peralta rigged up with some fat single coil pups.

Demand is high, information is scant but you can follow the guys here on their facebook page – GALASSO GUITARS