Republic Resonator & Resophonic Guitars

Republic Resonator guitars are a vintage styled, reso-phonic guitar maker from Texas specializing in making guitars by hand to the original 1920’s resophonic specifications. Using the original construction methods Republic guitars have a sound and playablility as close as possible to the original resophonic/resonator steel guitars.

High Quality Good Value Steel Guitars

Republic resophonics are good value with wood body resonators at around the $350 US dollar mark, and, steel body single and tricone resonators selling for between $600 to $700 U.S. Dollars – the case is usually included.

Parlour Guitars, Ukulele and Mandolin

Republic also produce a charming Parlour Guitar with solid spruce top / rosewood back and sides and two bell brass Ukuleles and a Mandolin.


Blues and Country Guitar

Their client list includes some giants of the blues and country music scene including Albino slide guitar Legend and blues demon Johnny Winter, Jackson Browne, the Dixie Chicks, Charlie Daniels, Joe Satriani, Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons and Spider White.

Republic resonator guitars have a strong feature set:

aged steel finish
bell brass bodies
nickel silver plating
bone nut
hands-spun aluminum sound cones
quality open geared tuners
adjustable truss rod
Rosewood biscuits
Maple saddles
Rosewood and mahogany round necks
Rosewood fretboards
Mother of Pearl position markers

If you are a left handed guitar player then Republic produce three lefty resonators – the Clarksdale Special, and a Classic Tricone in two finishes including swamp green on steel.
The Republic Resonator guitar site is here.