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Press Your Own Records

Good Afternoon,
How the times have changed! I myself have one of the latest picnic gramophone models which holds up to ten shellac discs inside the lid and a large box of needles – very convenient if one wants to blast off to the pub in the Riley, enjoy a pipe or two and relax with a pint of Indian Pale and some splendid tunes. I just recently purchased an Original Dixieland Jass Band disc.


Pundits & Enthusiasts

That’s all very good and well for the casual music listener, but what about the Pundit, or the Enthusiast – the kind of man who knows the difference between a dulcimer and a doorstop? The kind of man daring enough to make his own music?

Talking Machines and Gramophones

Well….no matter because the latest in modern sound recording technology is here to help – especially if you are one of those late night, cigarette smoking types who plays the saxophone. If you want your music to be heard by all the latest devices, including the new talking machines, and gramophones, then you need to cut an analogue, that is to make a recording into a material called shellac, using a lathe, or, find a man who has one.

Maybe the Four Bright Sparks come to the local Hotel for the Saturday dance – “What to do ?” – they play some very hot jazz indeed, very…. and you would like to reproduce and listen to their music at home?

NO no no, you boundah, you are not losing your marbles old chap, no….and even though it sounds like a long shot….no matter, it is now possible to record almost anything with the new advances in modern sound technology.


Cut a Disc

Perhaps one day we won’t have to carry around such cumbersome music devices like talking machines, gramophones and cyclinder players but until the golden era of future music and sound portability comes along there are a few choices left for the home recordist keen to capture the sound of his pets or perhaps the local Jazz band swinging at the nearest Dance.


The VinylRecorder

If you are lucky you may have a Neumann cutting head lying around in your toolshed, or even a friend at Parlophone or His Master’s Voice to help out, but, if no, one need not despair, the “VinylRecorder” is currently in production. The Vinyl Recorder from Germany, also called a T650 starter kit, retails at around €3,200*.

Of course this is equipment for the dedicated sound scientist and explorer – only a man on a rather handsome yearly stipend could afford to lavish such expense upon an extravagance, a whimsy. The VinylRecorder is very thorough however – it comes with a cutting head, encoder, groove controller, power supply and ten discs. Perfect for those long, rainy days – just make sure you have enough gas in the lamps so that you can see what you are doing.



Short Run Vinyl Pressings from MEEP

Of course, if you aren’t in the luxuriant position of being able to afford the Vinyl Recorder new horizons in sound technology help ensure that music, even if made at home, is available to all.

Mr. Meep is a dedicated toolshed scientist and a former employee of a rather large recording and phonograph company. Meep will cut you short run pressings onto clear vinyl and ship them direct to you, or maybe your customers.


Famous Otophone

Using his skilled eye and his famous French Salabert ear-trumpet,  Mr. MEEP cuts your sounds into special clear plastic squares using a, quite literally, revolutionary new technology.

These recordings, commonly called records, are MONO and Mr. MEEP will also reproduce photographs and artworks on single sided record cuttings. Very very modern.



Mr. MEEP uses a modified Presto K-8 Record Lathe – the very latest in MONOAURAL recording machine technology and gives excellent playback characteristics.

If you don’t want the burden of several hundred audio musical recordings then Mr. MEEP’s short run record pressing and record cutting service is probably the best way forward. Good luck in your sonic adventures.


Here is Mr. MEEP’s Ebay page – if you cannot see it below, set the country selector to “US AUCTIONS” – his page will appear.  If you have an aunt in the colonies who misses her Budgerigar, or erstwhile friends in the Dominions and Protectorates, Mr. MEEP can ship your recordings safely and promptly without much trouble, and all at a friendly cost.



*(Nov 2012)