Left Handed Guitars

Left handed guitars are hard to come by. Left handed guitars don’t seem to be high upon the agenda for many guitar manufacturers. If you are a left handed guitarist, you are in a minority. But, as a left handed guitarist you are also in the rather exalted company of the following left handed guitarists:

Jimi Hendrix

Kurt Cobain

Elliot Easton

Tony Iommi

Paul McCartney

Slim Whitman

Many of these players such as Jimi Hendrix have simply turned their instruments upside down and restrung their guitars with the strings in normal order. Other players have simply learnt to play the guitar upside down – these players include Dick Dale, Doyle Bramhall II, Otis Rush, Elisabeth Cotton, Albert King and Coco Montoya.

We’re are going to run a series of posts focussing upon soem great left handed guitar models. Click the links below:


1. Left handed Fender Stratocaster.

2. Left handed Gibson Les Paul.

More marques coming soon!