L R Baggs M80 Acoustic Pick Up

After the success of the M1 pickup L.R. Baggs has introduced the M80, the only magnetic pickup with full range, 3D body sensitivity.

The M80 pick up houses a secondary floating humbucking coil which, as your guitar body vibrates, interacts with the pickup’s magnets. In this way the M80 “listens” to the full frequency range of of your guitar – the top, sides, back and neck – to create a natural, 3 dimensional picture of your guitar’s unique sound and chracteristics. The M80 then mixes this sonic image with the string signal at the soundhole to create an enhanced richness and complexity:

It’s all about the body. The more body that a pickup can capture, the more natural and inspiring the sound will be. The new M80’s built-in 3D sensor picks up the entire frequency range of your guitar’s body and captures more of its acoustic soul than any single pickup ever created.

The Baggs M80 has both active and passive modes, battery power indicators and installs in only 5 minutes. The L R Baggs website is here.