Building your own guitar?

If you have ever wanted to build your own guitar, or any other stringed instrument you are not alone. Yet, building your own guitar might seem a complicated and perhaps intimidating ideal, but while you will definitely have to dedicate some time to building that elusive guitar box or 4 string masterpiece, the rewards are unquestionably vast.

In a recent interview with Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars Bob  was asked what his advice would be to anyone considering building their first guitar. His answer, “…go and make a really bad guitar.”

Authentic Guitar Sound

It wasn’t so long ago that stringed instruments were beyond the reach of many musicians. In the late nineteenth century, guitars and fiddles would be fashioned from cigar boxes – and, the popularity of Jug and Skiffle bands, plus the great American depression ensured that home made instruments remained a necessity.

DIY Guitar

This D.I.Y. guitar ethic is still alive and well today. Building instruments yourself brings many advantages and there is an undeniable authenticity that comes with building your own guitar, because, however you build, you will be guaranteed to have an instrument with a unique sound and personality – as well as a unique connection with the instrument.

The Secrets of Guitar Building

Building a masterpiece will now doubt require a solid body of knowledge and years of experience and training – but building a working instrument according to the “cigar-box” tradition is within reach of those with a basic woodworking knowledge and a few tools.

Instrument building – Marten Ten Broek

We spoke to our friend, musician and builder Marten Ten Broek about some of the instruments he has been building and his story is an illuminating one for anyone who wants to build their own stringed instruments. Marten lives in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and he brings a unique methodology and philosophy to building guitars and ukuleles – he is currently experimenting with the more challenging requirements of cello and violin design.

Click here to begin our interview with Marten about home built guitars and instruments.