Jam Tracks Joe Bonamassa

Great news for every guitarist. If you’re looking for some Jam Tracks then your ship has just sailed in. Together with Guitar Centre Joe Bonamassa has released official backing tracks from his career for you to download.

Get jamming right here at Blues Masters

Blues Competition

But wait, that’s not all. After jamming your fingers to the bone over Joe’s music you can upload your blues shreds to the competition whose prizes are not to be sniffed at…at all!

1. Open up for Joe at his December 2013 Los Angeles show.

2. $10k cash,

3. ’62 Marshall Bluesbreaker,

4. Gibson Custom Les Paul ’59 reissue,

5. string endorsement deal with Ernie Ball,

6. Dunlop Pedal Pack

7. Mentor session and studio time with Joe and producer Kevin Shirley.