Tape me to Your Leader

Tape Tape Tape. If you’re looking for all the dark magic that comes from a vintage tape echo machine but without all the shredding, melting and inconvenience then Strymon’s “El Capistan” is definitely worth a bounce.

The Capistan creates the warm analogue sounds of tape saturation within a powerful SHARC DSP and uses three basic tape machine types – fixed, multi and single head. After which there are an additional ten parameters to tweak including controlling the tape quality, overall tape machine health and tone shape as well as the expected time, repeat, wow, flutter and decay.

Honey Nut Loops

The Capistan can take you from pristine studio quality fresh tape echo through to the heavily fluctuating sound of a tape machine in serious need of tender loving care running filthy, dirty tape. Or, even tape melting in the summer sun – don’t ask.

Check out the Strymon website here.

Jeff Beck was rumoured to have been considering using an El Capistan in his board.