ZVEX Guitar Effects Pedals

A ZVEX guitar effects pedal is synonymous with only one thing. COOL. Mad scientist Zachary Vex is the founder of Z.Vex pedals all of which are HANDPAINTED at ZVex in Minneapolis. With names like SUPER HARD ON, FUZZ FACTORY, RINGTONE and WOOLY MAMMOTH. If you want to inject some serious tonal flavour and strangeitude into your effects pedal board ZVEX is where it’s at.

Latest ZVEX guitar effects

ZVex have announced new pedals at Namm 2012:

1. the SONAR – a tap tremelo pulser.
2. the DOUBLE ROCK  РJ Mascis of Dinoaur Jr. requested two BOX OF ROCK pedals in one unit.
3. the LOOP GATE – a “perfect” highly adjustable audio gate / bypass / with threshold, and sensitivity controls for custom effects fadeouts. The LOOP GATE also features a CHOP mode which intuitively “slices” your effect sound into rhythmic pulses. The LOOP GATE also responds dynamically to your playing, in case your effects pulse moves out of time with the rest of your band.


The ZVex Guitar Effect Range

Fuzz Factory (fuzzbox)
Box of Rock (preamp-booster/overdrive)
Box of Metal (high gain distortion)
Woolly Mammoth (bass/guitar fuzzbox)
Super Hard-On (preamp-booster/overdrive)
Super Duper 2-in-1 (preamp/overdrive)
Machine (fuzzbox)
Ooh Wah II (step-sequenced filter)
Ringtone (step-sequenced ring modulator)
Lo-Fi Loop Junky (analog looper)
Seek Wah II (step-sequenced filter)
Octane III (octave-generating fuzzbox)
Seek Trem (step-sequenced tremolo)
Tremorama (step-sequenced tremolo)


Jonny Octave (octave)
Wah Probe
Fuzz Probe
Trem Probe
The Nano Head (tube amplifier)
Basstortion (bass distortion)
Sonar (square-wave tremolo w/ Machine circuit)
Double Rock! (dual cascading Box of Rock circuits w/ sub control and Super Hard On conversion, originally designed for J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.)
Loop Gate (high-headroom noise gate w/ adjustable release time, chop mode and wide-range sensitivity control)
Drip Guitar (discontinued)


The Zvex website is here and below are the current Zvex pedal offerings on Ebay.

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