Vox AC30

Possibly the most famed British amplifier, besides the Marshall ‘Bluesbreaker’, the Vox AC30 occupies a prestigious and mythological position in guitar and music history.

First produced in 1958 the AC30 was introduced as a higher volume, big brother to the Vox AC15. The most sought after models are from the early 1960’s – the earliest used EL84 vacuum tubes but these were soon replaced by EL84’s (as used in the AC15) in the Top Boost model. Since 2003 Vox have e-introduced a handwired AC30 into their product line.

The Edge, Dave Evans, the guitarist of the iconic rock band U2, has used an original 1964 AC30 on every single U2 album. He is as famous for his signature guitar sound (and style) as the AC30 itself. Other notable users of the venerated Vox AC30 include a who’s who of guitar genius:

Hank Marvin
Snowy White
Peter Green (late)
Brian May
Rory Gallagher
Bernard Butler
Richie Blackmore
Bernard Sumner
Paul Weller
Jonny Greenwood
Thom Yorke
The Edge
Peter Buck
The Beatles
The Edge

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