The Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster was introduced, as the Fender Broadcaster¬† in 1950. The Fender Telecaster’s classic sound ranges from both a bright and rich tone at the slanted bridge pick up through to a warmer, blues tone at the neck.

The bridge pickup produces the higher output of the two, whilst an internal capacitor allows treble sounds to bleed through while supressing the middle and lower ranges. The Telecaster’s solid body marked a clear departure from and alleviated the feedback problems common to hollow bodied electric guitars.

Telecaster Sound

The Telecaster’s extreme versatility ensured it was a successful guitar for most music styles from country , blues and rock through to jazz and fusion. The classic Telecaster guitar sound has been forever impressed into rock and roll by many iconic artists incluing:

Roy Buchanan

Albert Collins

Keith Richards

Steve Cropper

Jonny Greenwood

Status Quo

Joe Strummer

Albert Lee

George Harrison (Let it Be)


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