fulltone_pedal Fulltone Pedals – Fulltone 69

Red hot and all about sex?! The Fulltone 69 in fact refers to the year 1969 because the Fulltone 69 pedal is a fuzzface. If you are not familiar with the tonal character and sound of a fuzzface have a listen to Jimi Hendrix first album Are You Experienced. This pedal is built around two germanium transistors hand picked, and tested.


The Fulltone fuzzface also features a contour to control harmonics, mid range and sustain and an input bias knob takes out all the flappy frequencies and also produces distortion and overdrive when dialled back.

Back in 1998 Eric Johnson said tof he Fulltone 69 – “Of all the pedals I’ve been sent… I like this one the best!” (1998 Guitar World magazine)


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