Eventide Harmonizer

Eventide have a history of producing digital audio processors & effects and their Harmonizer has often featured in music icon Frank Zappa’s and guitar genius Steve Vai’s effects racks. His album Passion And Warfare features an Eventide H300 harmonizer on tracks 6 and 12 – “Ballerina” and, “Alien Water Kiss” – a modern re-interpretation of Jimi Hendrix’ opener “And the Gods Made Love” from the album Electric Ladyland.

Frank Zappa & Steve Vai

Some of Vai’s most exciting guitar playing can be heard on Frank Zappa’s mind blowing “You are What You is” double album from 1981. Frank Zappa’s also plays guitar on the album, and his highly idiosyncratic guitar can be heard on “Theme from the 3rd Movement of Sinister Footwear”.  When two giants of music like Zappa and Vai get together the results will always be remarkable.


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