Rage Against the Machine

If you have heard the groundbreaking, triple platinum, 1992 Rage Against the Machine debut album then the DigiTech Whammy will be a guitar effects pedal you will be familiar with.

Uniting sharp socio-political rap, hard hitting drum beats, and heavy punk-funk-metallic guitar riffs and wild effects pyrotechnics, R.A.T.M. offered a devastating sonic manifesto that exploded like a dirty nail bomb across the musical landscape with a sound and fury; fire and brimstone.

The Whammy

Guitarist Tom Morello delivers a stunning sonic performance of ‘turntablist’ guitar-tronics and heavy groove driven riffs, twisting his tone through the Whammy pedal into mindbending, alien pterodactyl sounds.

Possibly the biggest paradigm shift in the lexicon of the guitar since Van Halen’s masterpiece Eruption – the sleeve notes formally declared “no samples, keyboards or synthesizers used in the making of this record”. The Whammy was all over it like a rash.


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